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Welcome to the MORENG TELECOM descriptive product website. The products inside include but are not limited to, Superstructure Framing, Cable Rack, Bracing, Network and UEF bays, FDF frames, Distributing frames, Relay Racks, equipment racks, guards, spacers, extensions, Cable hole sheathings and covers, copper bus and ground bars. All frameworks (seismic Z-4 and Z-2) are NEBS compliant and tested and certified by Telcordia Technologies.

MORENG Telecom supplies approved central office hardware to Verizon, AT&T and Century Link. In addition, Moreng Telecom Products is involved with design standards, product development and production supply arrangements with national and regional CLECs as well as national, regional, and local EF&I vendors.

We carry a large stock of the most commonly used items to insure that they will be delivered within the best possible time frame. Our sales staff is able to cross-reference other telecom hardware suppliers’ parts to insure that you receive the parts that meet your requirements. An in house engineering staff is available to answer technical questions or to help create parts lists for your project.

The MORENG team also has the capacity to design and fabricate custom items or to modify existing products to meet your special requirements with minimal increases in manufacturing lead-time.

At MORENG Telecom, competitive pricing and Total Service Commitment combine to create a complete package of unequaled value for the customer.

We have recently moved to a new, larger facility in Wayne New Jersey to better serve our customers. The team at Moreng invites you to visit our new facility and welcomes your direct inquiries at any time. Our knowledgeable sales staff can be reached by calling (973) 237-2001.

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The origins of Moreng Telecom Products can be traced back to 1902 when Joseph Moreng Iron Works was founded in New York City. The founder, Joseph H. Moreng was a Swiss ornamental ironworker and blacksmith. He started fabricating iron work for the local Western Electric (now Lucent Technologies) installers in 1912.

In the early 1930’s his sons, Joseph H. (a graduate engineer) and George (a graduate architect) joined the business. They brought fresh and innovative ideas that helped award Moreng Iron Works with lucrative contracts in the burgeoning telecom industry. These contracts and orders included companies like New Jersey Bell, New York Telephone, and Western Electric. As the customer needs became more specialized, a new production facility was needed. Joseph and George moved the company to Ridgefield, NJ and added a sheet metal department.

In the mid 60’s Joseph’s grandsons, Joseph H. Moreng Jr. and James R. Moreng (both graduate engineers) joined the company. They also brought new ideas and methods to allow the business to expand and diversify. The design and manufacturing of specialized products remained an important service, so precision sheet metal fabrication machinery and finishing equipment was added. In 1985, in order to meet the needs of the expanding business, the company was moved to a 45,000 sq foot building in Totowa, NJ. At the same time, it was decided that the company name should better reflect the nature of the business and Moreng Metal Products, Inc. was created. During this period everything from microwave towers to terminal lugs was manufactured for the Bell companies. After the break-up of AT & T; at the request of the local telcos; Moreng Metal Products began designing and marketing its own line of telephone hardware. In the early 90’s,its sales effort was increased and focused toward the expanding telecommunications industry.

In 1997, in order to fully meet customer needs, management decided that a new company should be formed. This company, Moreng Telecom Products, would specialize in the design, fabrication, and sales of items specifically for the telecommunications industry. A 15,000 square foot addition was added to the existing Moreng Facility to house the new company. After just two years in operation both companies needed room to expand. Moreng Telecom moved to a separate 25,000 sq foot facility down the street. The next generation; Joseph C. (Communications, Advanced AutoCAD), Brett (Business Management, Advanced AutoCAD), and Kim (Human Resources, customer service) have influenced the company toward higher productivity and customer satisfaction through continuous quality improvement in all areas. With all the new generations’ hard work and commitment we will continue to meet out customer’s short lead times with competitive pricing, while providing the best customer service in the industry.